Configuration Management

SingTone Technologies create configuration management process linked to our Process Improvement and Quality Assurance and Control processes to maintain, control, and track changes to operating environments and baselined documentation using best practices, lessons learned, and the following elements…

  • Identification: Identify the things to be managed and level of control at each level.
  • Control: A closed-loop corrective action process to track configuration item changes using version control tools.
  • Status Accounting: Periodically publish reports describing the current configuration of each configuration item.
  • Authentication: Perform periodic examinations of operational baselines for completeness.

It has been our experience that the CM process chosen for a particular program may be a rigorous, serial process to tightly control the system baseline; or, a more flexible process that allows for urgent modifications and variable levels of approval. SingTone works with all stakeholder’s to ensure the correct process is implemented.

Applicable Past Performance

Telecommunication Companies are assigned specific codes to uniquely identify each service provider. As a result, the FCC requires most of these providers to be assigned an Operating Company Number (OCN) that identifies the company and the type of telephone numbers assigned to consumers.

SingTone's solution is to provide reports of newly assigned Company Codes identifying telecommunications service providers per industry standards.

CSWS DEAs a subcontractor, SingTone Technologies leads and coordinates test phase events and help maintain configuration control over operating environments and documentation. Create cost estimates/ROMs, Configuration Management Process, Monthly Status Reports, and Invoices for the Program Management Office (PMO). Assist in assessing costs, schedules, and performance using the AF Systems Engineering Process (SEP) for the Contractor Supported Weapon System Data Exchange (CSWS DE) web application from development through production deployment. Provide IV&V services to core development team. Work with PM to establish plans, organize, and coordinate activities of functional specialists including engineering, system architect, and programmers. Work with PMO to formalize system requirements and directly supervise/evaluate the team in meeting objectives.

NetOps IIAs a subcontractor, SingTone Technologies assists with approving software and hardware by ensuring that the software and hardware was accepted for use by WPAFB and the Program requesting the software had the required licenses in place for use and approved for use by the customer's manager. After the software is installed, SingTone provides the bridge/paper trail between the User and Installer to ensure the correct computer is loaded with the correct software and provide support to both the User and Installer where needed; and, then ensure that all paperwork is finalized and kept for historical reference. After the hardware has been approved, SingTone ensures that the hardware has been re-imaged for use and the basic software packages are loaded on the computer before delivering and setting up the equipment for use. As an Information Technology Equipment Custodian (ITEC), we manage equipment inventory and destruction of out-of-date and broken equipment.