SaaS Applications

SingTone Technologies builds, supports, and maintains customized applications and offers the following Software as a Service (SaaS) Applications. Each application listed below was created and designed to reduce overhead and operational costs and can be customized to meet specific needs (e.g. like adding and removing features on an automobile). They include a level of automation to streamline processes, and produce reports that can be viewed using MS Word, MS Excel, Adobe Acrobat, and/or other common viewers that allow you to view .doc, .docx, .xls, .xlsx, and .pdf files.

As a security measure, each application is designed so that each client has a separate database to ensure private, or proprietary, information does not “leak.”

Contacts Suite:

Contacts Suite is an application that allows users to manage a large number of contacts. This application allows users to send mass scheduled or ad-hoc emails that are tailored to individuals based on their stored information (i.e. upcoming birthdays, membership renewal, news of interest, anniversary, specials based on length of membership, etc.). If your client data is in a spreadsheet or text file, these files can be easily uploaded so that contact’s information can be grouped by any desired parameter or updated via the User Interface. If a report is needed, the data can be exported to an excel spreadsheet or word document.

Truckers Suite:

Truckers Suite, designed and built by former commercial hauling company owners, is an application to monitor the operations of small to medium sized commercial carriers and handles the workload of all your basic operational needs – it is software that does the office essentials like Invoicing, Capturing Expenses, assists in IFTA reporting, retains Broker contacts, Identifies Overdue Invoices, Truck and Trailer Maintenance, Driver Licenses and Medical, and has a Screen that summarizes your company’s stats. It’s simple, it’s plain, it’s customizable – the way software is meant to be.

Click here to test drive Truckers Suite today. You can use your information or use the supplied test data to add loads, create invoices, add expenses, or anything you like to see to determine if we’re a fit for you. You don’t need to sign up, log in, or leave your email and phone number. Contact us today, we can tailor Truckers Suite to suit your needs!