Project Management

At times, projects seem to have a life of their own. At SingTone Technologies, we have the skill set to help you manage your projects and develop applications that will help you organize customer, patient, project, or classroom notes; and, make sense of your data so you can see costs, sales, and performance trends. Program management is all about communication, and our methods can be tailored to help meet your goals as we plan, collaborate, and deliver projects on time and on budget. We use the following techniques:

Waterfall Project Management Technique

  • A sequential design process
  • Promotes a predictive mindset
  • Focuses on analyzing and planning the future in detail and cater to known risks

Agile Project Management Technique

  • Iterative by nature to allow consistent improvements in project quality
  • Promotes adaptive planning, evolutionary development, early delivery, continuous improvement, and encourages rapid and flexible response to change
  • Breaking down project goals and milestones into smaller, short-duration tasks
  • Utilizing smaller projects to allow stakeholder feedback to occur very quickly
  • Adaptive, iterative project life-cycles based on stakeholder feedback
  • Managing ongoing communications with all project stakeholders

Hybrid Project Management Technique

There are times when traditional techniques do not seem to be the best solution – SingTone Technologies will work with you to ensure your projects are successful by creating a tailored approach that is ideal for you.

Applicable Past Performance

CSWS DEAs a subcontractor, SingTone Technologies leads and coordinates test phase events and help maintain configuration control over operating environments and documentation. Create cost estimates/ROMs, Configuration Management Process, Monthly Status Reports, and Invoices for the Program Management Office (PMO). Assist in assessing costs, schedules, and performance using the AF Systems Engineering Process (SEP) for the Contractor Supported Weapon System Data Exchange (CSWS DE) web application from development through production deployment. Provide IV&V services to core development team. Work with PM to establish plans, organize, and coordinate activities of functional specialists including engineering, system architect, and programmers. Work with PMO to formalize system requirements and directly supervise/evaluate the team in meeting objectives.

NetOps IIAs a subcontractor, SingTone Technologies assists with approving software and hardware by ensuring that the software and hardware was accepted for use by WPAFB and the Program requesting the software had the required licenses in place for use and approved for use by the customer's manager. After the software is installed, SingTone provides the bridge/paper trail between the User and Installer to ensure the correct computer is loaded with the correct software and provide support to both the User and Installer where needed; and, then ensure that all paperwork is finalized and kept for historical reference. After the hardware has been approved, SingTone ensures that the hardware has been re-imaged for use and the basic software packages are loaded on the computer before delivering and setting up the equipment for use. As an Information Technology Equipment Custodian (ITEC), we manage equipment inventory and destruction of out-of-date and broken equipment.

LIMS-EVAs an employee of Lockheed Martin, SingTone's employee was in charge of planning, organizing, controlling, integrating, and completing of Business Objects (BOBJ) and Rich Internet Application (RIA) projects within area of assigned responsibility for Logistics Installations and Mission Support - Enterprise View (LIMS-EV) web-based applications suite on the AF Portal. Planned and formulated engineering plans; reviewed product designs for compliance with engineering principles, company standards, customer contract requirements and related specifications. Evaluated and approved design changes and specifications for releases. Coordinated activities related to technical development, scheduling, resolving engineering design, and test problems. Defined and controlled project requirements, schedules and budgets; resolved project execution issues; and ensured overall customer satisfaction. Oversaw project development from the planning stages to completion, to include defining requirements, design, build, and test and deployment phases. Oversaw the delivery of all contractual deliverables to include software/database design descriptions, testing documentation and software source code artifacts. Provided weekly financial and schedule status reports to management and resolved personnel problems by coaching, mentoring and supervising company personnel and subcontractors.

As an employee of SAIC, SingTone's employee was responsible for helping NASA transition flight and ground support equipment assigned to the Shuttle Program to the Constellation Program.

Our employee's solution help track, review, streamline procedures, and ensure continuity of reusable flight and ground systems from the Shuttle Program to the Constellation Program. As a co-founder of the Ground Operations Support Team and assisting the Program Level Chairperson, the solution introduce the use Program Model Numbers, Acceptance Data Packages, newly created certifications, and procurement checklists; and, by creating a Project Level Commonality Plan and Verification and Validation review processes. These efforts saved NASA an estimated $61M in man hours and reproducing equipment. Using Six Sigma techniques, the solution lead to the need to create a new centralized web-based database to protect ITAR/Sensitive data for NASA.