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SingTone and AccessiBe: Enhancing Web Accessibility with AI-Powered Solutions

Sing Tone Technologies

Sing Tone Technologies is an information technology firm serving digital marketing demands by managing the complete software development life cycle for custom websites and mobile, desktop, and web-based applications to improve and automate processes. With the advancement in digital advertising and social media promotion, we have attained expertise in search engine optimization, digital marketing, customer relationship management, and enterprise resource planning.


As a leader in web accessibility, AccessiBe is committed to raising awareness about the importance of an inclusive web. With over 243,000 active clients, AccessiBe is one of the most trusted companies helping businesses and government agencies achieve ADA/Section 508 compliance. AccessiBe streamlines business processes to ensure internet accessibility. The company also aims to provide online accessibility to the world. Realizing the importance of the internet, as the world today is heavily based on virtual reality. The company’s leader aims for internet inclusivity to people all around.

The Empowering Alliance of Sing Tone Technologies & AccessiBe

The collaboration between AccessiBe & SingTone Technologies creates synergy between the two companies – two is better than one. AccessiBe is a platform that intends to provide internet accessibility to the world, whereas Sing Tone Technologies represents itself as a top-notch digital marketing service provider.

Shared Benefits of Companies

This partnership opens the avenues of growth with multiple clients and collaborated services. The alliance between the companies is advantageous as we benefit from shared experience, expertise, and knowledge that the companies have incurred over the years.

The association is going to bring the expertise of companies together. Moreover, this partnership helps us fill the gaps in our service. Having the support of the partner company is a strength and a boon in the long run.

Improved Business & Success

The support and guidance of partnerships are always a better proposition than working single-handed. One gets different perspectives to solve a particular problem. Additionally, the partnership helps in decision-making because you have two heads to think and ponder over a situation.

With increased productivity and efficiency, the two companies are attracting opportunities. The strong leaders of AccessiBe provide the winning edge to Sing Tone Technologies. Furthermore, Sing Tone Technologies gets brand recognition under the big brand of AccessiBe.

Commitment to Partners

SingTone is committed to ensuring our partners adhere to the highest standards, including Section 508/WCAG compliance. We can implement a solution to ensure compliance with Section 508, WCAG 2.1, and LEVEL AA Web Accessibility Standards by creating a JavaScript code snippet that utilizes two applications: 1) the accessibility interface responsible for the UI and design-related adjustments and 2) the AI-powered process handles the complex requirements – optimization for screen readers and keyboard navigation.

AccessiBe’s service offers an unmatched range of features, encompassing a robust set of over 81 individual error checks, surpassing similar solutions in the market. This exceptional tool performs comprehensive evaluations of web content across the entire website, seamlessly integrating into any workflow. It assesses content for Web Accessibility issues upon publication and periodically scans websites to identify potential problems throughout the content. The accessWidget code generates accessibility reports that include references and user-friendly instructions, ensuring that any issues identified can be addressed effectively. Most importantly, the code allows users to manipulate their viewing experience to meet their specific needs. This adaptability is fundamental in guaranteeing an inclusive browsing encounter, accommodating diverse user requirements, and fostering compliance with accessibility standards. To view the capabilities, please visit https://singtonellc.com and click the circled wheelchair icon on the bottom left of the screen.

Utilizing this service, we ensure accessibility is taken to a new level of excellence and address a broad spectrum of accessibility concerns, making the online experience inclusive for all users, aligning with SingTone Technologies’ mission, services, and achievements while ensuring accessibility and usability for everyone.

Summing Up

This partnership is expanding Sing Tone Technologies’ horizons of growth as we get exposure to ideas, branding, etc. With access to a strong network and community reach. The partnership between AccessiBe and Sing Tone Technologies seems fitting for the business as we are teaming up with skills and expert professionals. Besides, the collaboration between businesses provides mutual benefits to companies.