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Our internet marketing blog caters to those who are on the fence about the need to commission a custom solution geared towards reducing overhead and improving processes. More often than not, the need to improve processes is overlooked due to several reasons: tradition, unknown costs, not being aware of new solutions, etc. SingTone Technologies can build or help find the best solution with the best process at the right cost.

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  • What can an Enterprise Resource Planning solution do for me? - Even if you are not sure whether your company needs an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system yet, it is a good idea to learn about the advantages that an ERP system may provide. For example, an ERP system built by SingTone Technologies gives you 24/7… Read More
    Why are Enterprise Resource Planning solutions needed? - Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software is a kind of business management software that enables a company to use a collection of linked applications. ERP systems automate and simplify operations, resulting in a more lean, accurate, and efficient business. ERP gives you a complete insight into… Read More